Friday, July 13, 2007

The Blogophone

I've been tagged by Piper at Lazy Eye Theatre with the Telephone Meme! And I think I'm only the third person to do it! Which is cool for my ego. Alan at Burbanked started a blog version of the old game telephone. Here are the rules:

1. At the bottom of your post, include your version of the statement, changed or not.
2. Pass it along to one single blogger.
3. Link your post back to the original here.
4. I'm going to start a fourth rule of linking back to the person who tagged you, just so you can follow the thread both ways: Piper.

And now, my sentence:

Cheese dip and nice cards, Joe Theismann, your cause would expect you to win my hand. I won't wear your materials until I warm to the Redskins or become something careening into Montego Bay.

Why Piper would say that to me, I don't know. Must be a Cowboys fan.

And now, I shall tag Splotchy.


Burbanked said...

There I thought I was starting a movie discussion that would evolve and mutate and become deep and complex and instead it's become surreal and bizarre.

And I am just tickled all kinds of pink about it! Thanks for playing along!

Piper said...

Nicely done.

Burbanked, don't give up hope. It one day will lead to a deep, deep conversation about something. Maybe.

Chance said...

I actually like that little paragraph. It's like military officials heard about beat poetry and decides to hire Ginsburg to create a new cypher.

Off topic, I'm blogging again, SamFrog, if you care. And why would you?

Splotchy said...

This is what you said?!!

I heard something rather different.

SamuraiFrog said...

Burbanked: My pleasure!

Piper: Thank you.

Chance: Thanks. And ouch!

Splotchy: It's that damn connection.