Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Daily Show

Since President Bush took office, and especially since 9/11, it’s been taken for granted that The Daily Show is the smartest, hippest late night show in America. Not that there’s much competition, of course, but it was pretty good. Even though it seems to take 25 weeks of vacation a year, it was a pretty up-to-date commentary show. Well, it would talk about things like the Boxing Day Tsunami a day or so late, but still, you get the idea.

Actually, I used to think The Daily Show was hilarious. It’s just that it was hilarious back when Craig Kilborn was hosting and nobody was watching; they took more chances. And it was even hilarious when Jon Stewart took over and all the Kilborn fans abandoned the show. But what started as a funny interview show with a couple of weird, interesting bits, has been blown so far out of proportion that I can’t stand it anymore. It was kind of weird when the media started to suck Jon Stewart’s cock for being so smart and earnest. It was annoying when young people came to believe that The Daily Show was more newsworthy than actual news shows. But now everyone involved with The Daily Show seems certain that the show’s importance is paramount on the political-media landscape, and the tone of the show is just disgusting as a result. I’m not a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, but neither am I a lockstep conservative. I just hate those smug liberal yuppies who go around congratulating themselves for knowing who Condoleezza Rice is and smarmily asserting that whichever Democrat was “hip enough” on The Daily Show last week should be president. And I hate the show for kissing the asses of those people.

Actually, that sort of audience reaction is a good example of why I’m starting to hate the average Daily Show viewer. There’s always some Republican who comes on the show to prove how cool and in on the joke he is by kissing Jon Stewart’s ass, and he always gets a round of applause for suggesting that Stewart should enter politics. Applause? Wait, I don’t think George W. Bush is fit for the office of president, I’ll grant you that. But I’m not sure the guy who played a network executive in Death to Smoochy is really the guy for the job, either. Let’s be rational and not smug, okay?

And it’s the same unfunny bits over and over. The show is such a slave to its own format that it can’t help but get old and stale. Do they realize the irony involved in doing insulting, stereotypical accents on voiceovers of foreigners while they’re decrying America’s xenophobia? Samantha Bee’s non-sequiturs are about as unfunny as Rob Cordrry’s testicle references. And I’d like to punch Ed Helms right in the face. I know they think they’re absurdist, but it just goes to prove that most people don’t know what absurdism is or how it’s supposed to work. And Jon Stewart resorts to the same tired mannerisms faster than Saturday Night Live cast members rush for the cue cards.

“Hey, here’s an out-of-nowhere reference to my being Jewish. AWK-ward! Here’s my Bush impression. Good? Ehhhh…not so much. Now I’m stroking my chin…and now…it’s my nipple. Nicely done. Mmm, now here’s my crappy Jerry Lewis impersonation, but suddenly my voice gets squeaky and nervous, so I’ll mop my brow with my tie, and say good day, suh!” (Looks up at the ceiling.) “DAMN YOU!

Wooh, comedy gold. And more importantly, political import.

Wake up, people. They’re comedians. Shitty comedians. They are not your source for news and political opinions. So, please, can you just read a little more?


Dave said...


Anonymous said...

boring cliched "criticism". guh I guess that's why you seem to have on average one comment per post though.

SamuraiFrog said...

Aw, does anonymously posting vaguely insulting half-thoughts make you feel like you contributed to someone's day? That's cute. Hey, I'd rather get one comment per post than a bunch of douchebag non-comments by grade schoolers, okay? Shouldn't you and your mommy be out back-to-school shopping right now?

Peter Lynn said...

Here's another comment, then: I like the Daily Show a lot, but I still have to admit each of your points is pretty much dead-on.

Carl said...

Yeah, me too. I watched last night's episode (or last night's re-run--I lost track) and while it's still insightful and funny without relying on that hip irony or flat out agression that people use, you're right about the formulaism (is that even a word?). i think they lost more than they anticipated with the departure of Colbert.

And as much as I like Stewart, I'd rather vote for Colbert myself.

Sherry said...

It sucks when shows start to cater to the popularity aspect - all originality that made them great becomes lost.

I'm LMAO at your response to anonymous.

Carl said...

In response to "anonymous'" comment, are your criticisms cliched? I'd never heard them before you.

Do you think that people use the term "cliche" when they want to downplay someone or belittle their idea? so in effect, do you think this guy was using "cliche" incorrectly? I'm thinking so, which makes his post even more assinine.

SamuraiFrog said...

Carl: They lost something when they lost Colbert, but his show's pretty bad, too. I've given up watching him trip over his own words. And I'm not sure that voting for the secrelty-gay teacher on "Strangers with Candy" is much of an alternative to Adam Sandler's roommate from "Big Daddy."

I don't know if the crticism of "The Daily Show" is cliched or what. But to be fair, you did spell "asinine" wrong, which is unintentionally hilarious.

Sherry: Sadly, it happens to just about every show. That's why I'm so in favor of limited runs.

Carl said...

Or did I misspell it?

Yeah, I misspelled it.

You'd think it would be spelled that way.