Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Hundred-Acre Wood Goes Silent

As Becca reported on her blog last week, Paul Winchell (the voice of Tigger, among other things) died on 26 June. Well, it turns out that the very next day, actor John Fiedler died. Fiedler was the original voice of Piglet. He was the last living actor who did a voice in the original Disney "Winnie the Pooh" cartoons. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Get Caught Reading

Found this on another site and figured, what the hell.

Name three books on your book shelf. One from each end and one from the middle.
1. Hey Rube by Hunter S. Thompson
2. Squashed Armadillocon by Paul T. Riddell
3. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick

What reading material is in your bathroom?
It's too small to keep anything in.

Favorite authors and why.
Far too long to mention, but here's a few:
-Harlan Ellison, my absolute favorite, because of his grasp on society's problems.
-Isaac Asimov, for being so damn smart and funny.
-J.R.R. Tolkien, for writing the one book I can read over and over and over again.
-Robert E. Howard, for being gripping and exciting.
-Julian Barnes, for being so damn satirical and snarky.
-Hunter S. Thompson, for hating people as much as I do.
-Edgar Rice Burroughs, for getting me through high school on a steady diet of adventure.
Many, many, many others: L. Frank Baum, Douglas Adams, Philip Jose Farmer, Robert A. Heinlein, Carl Sagan, Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe, Philip K. Dick, and so on and so forth.

Least favorite authors and why.
Anne Rice, who is trashy and lame. John Grisham, for much the same reason. Michael Crichton, because his books used to be good until he started selling out (and it's not like he was a genius before hand, but he did write one of the best autobiographies I've ever read).

What author is over rated?
Anne Rice, Stephen King (his best work was years ago), John Grisham, and anyone recommended by Oprah (except Faulkner).

Would you (have you) picked up a woman (or man) in a bookstore?
Only co-workers when I worked at Barnes & Noble, and then not seriously. Although it is worth mentioning that I met Becca when we both worked at Waldenbooks.

Do you eat while you read? If so what's your food of choice?
If I'm eating alone, I'll usually read something.

Name one book you'd recommend for someone searching for meaning or insight or inspiration.
The Demon-Haunted World by Carl Sagan is a buffet of conversational rationalism, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain pretty much says everything about human life, and any Michael Moore book says a few things you should probably know. And George Carlin, too.

Name one book you'd recommend for a day on the beach or a rainy day in the house.
The Lord of the Rings. It's so complex you're always making new connections.

Do you judge a book by its cover?
Duh, so does everyone. Why do you think they put covers on books in the first place? Besides, if they didn't, the saying would be "Don't judge a book by its title," and then where would rich white old money asshole families be?

In the bookstore, what section do you head to first?
Science fiction.

More Thoughts on the Subject of Me

TEN Random Things About Me:
10. I watch way too much Disney Channel for being 28 years old.
9. I despise religion.
8. I never wear shorts.
7. I cry in about 60-75% of the movies I see.
6. I kind of hate being home by myself.
5. I've had phone sex with someone who almost qualifies as my cousin.
4. I love writing papers for school.
3. Sunday is my favorite day of the week.
2. I don't wash my hair very often.
1. I do consider pizza nature's most perfect food.

NINE Ways To Win My Heart:
9. Know who I mean when I talk about John Ford movies.
8. Be honest with me, even if our opinions differ.
7. Watch cartoons with me.
6. Cook for me.
5. Talk to me for hours and hours on end, eschewing things like sleep and hunger.
4. At the very least, accept my love of old pin-ups, Russ Meyer films, and porn.
3. Tell me how much you love science fiction.
2. Don't be afraid to sing around me, even if you suck. I sing all the time, and I suck.
1. Take me to a Disney movie.

EIGHT things I want to do before I die:
8. Be a successful writer.
7. Learn to play the guitar.
6. Collect every one of Isaac Asimov's 500+ books.
5. Visit at least one foreign country. Actually, I have been in Japan, so one other foreign country (preferably Australia, New Zealand, or England).
4. Speak German more fluently.
3. Make love to at least one celebrity.
2. Complete my animation DVD collection.
1. Grow a reliable supply of marijuana. For me.

SEVEN ways to annoy me:
7. Be a Republican.
6. Be religious.
5. Not appreciate the most inappropriate of jokes.
4. Pester me about wanting children.
3. Scoff at my love of Jessica Simpson.
2. Tell me I'm "too old" for cartoons.
1. Don't know when to shut up.

SIX things I believe in:
6. A thing called love (just listen to the rhythm of my heart).
5. When I fall in love with you it will be forever.
4. That those last two entries, both song quotes, will be funny to someone who likes music.
3. Basic human rights.
2. That my generation has some fucked-up problems with entitlement.
1. Santa Claus.

FIVE things I'm afraid of:
5. Heights.
4. Speed.
3. Losing control.
2. Euphemisms.
1. Americans.

FOUR favorite things in my room:
4. My Oz books.
3. Becca's Hilary Duff posters.
2. Becca.
1. A painting Becca did for me of a mermaid about ten years ago.

THREE things I do everyday:
3. Take blood pressure medication.
2. Spend too long on the computer.
1. Watch music videos.

TWO things I want to do right now:
2. Eat Portillo's.
1. Go to the movies.

ONE person I want to see right now:
1. Becca; how dare she spend time with her own mother?