Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Stupid, Stupid Movie

Conversation not to accidentally have with your mom just before mother's day.

Me: "So, I saw National Treasure last night..."

Mom: "See, wasn't it good? I really liked that movie."

Me: "Eh, it was okay. Cute-ish. But it was mostly pretty stupid and ridiculous."

Mom: "It was a fun movie."

Me: "Well, I could see how it might be liked by people we might call 'less discerning.'"

Mom: "'We'? Who is 'we'?"

Me: "You know, smart people."

I also remember sitting at one point, watching Nicolas Cage discern the meaning of ludicrous clues in his ludicrous wig with all of the idiot panache of those lame old Batman episodes, and suddenly blurting out to my girlfriend: "Wow--so this is what dumb people imagine thinking is like!"